10 signs summer is not over yet for Lebanese women!

“Fall out of summer”…the slogan of one of my dearest client’s campaign am only borrowing today to talk about Lebanese women who have fallen out, but not from their summer – Yet!
How do you recognize that Lebanese women are big summer aficionadas? 10 practical signs:

– Sign 1: She still puts her shorts on, now with thick hosiery and spare no means to show you on Instagram linked to her Facebook account, her gym shorts where she attends the most popular classes to remove those “extra kilos of summer!”
– Sign 2: She still wears her cropped tops, cleavage wide open to the world, مدعومة with maintenance tanning sessions (sorry but couldn’t help the Arabic so in place here);
– Sign 3: She still throwbacks to Santorini or Mykonos pictures “missing her gorgeous summer days”;
– Sign 4: She researches and petitions the 015 summer destinations to be the first to book and brag;
– Sign 5: She plans her New Year déjà, with sunny countries shortlisted and a couple of fallback options, before her friend forestalls her;
– Sign 6: She hops to Dubai for a weekend in November to recharge her energy tank, drained by her super kids plans and requests, yo’borni.
– Sign 7: She redecorates her salons with the latest Feng Shui methods to allow more sun to warm her lonely dehydrated body and find her zen summery days – at home;
– Sign 8: She hurries and books the first chalet in Faraya and wipes the dirt with few new decorative elements that will allow her first row seats at the Refuge in the sun, Moncler over super fit pants (she would have lost a few by then), so she doesn’t miss the yearly saga of the neighbors;
– Sign 9: She buys a small puppy and invests in heavy training for 9 months, so to catch next summer’s adventures he, well trained, well bred and well groomed;
– Sign 10: She plans daily and weekly activities and kids parties with the moms met in the pool, to secure her family would still be on the list next summer;

So the next time you cross a well tanned lady, asking for summer sunny questions in winter, stressed out and panicking, please be nice to her and compliment her on a superb summer you heard all about and envy her tremendously, maybe you can guarantee a seat with her for your next summer! 

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  1. Chantal says:

    hhahahahaaha… nice one!
    Loved the Sign #2 😉

  2. Irene says:

    Hihihi shi ktir mahdoum!!!

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