13 ways to be Happy this Year – My recipe

With the huge amount of bad news (death, sickness, natural disasters, recession…) around, and the growing amount of stupid people insulting our Intelligence every sunny and rainy day, I have drafted a simple “Happy” recipe guide for 2013:

1- Skip the 8pm news; have a good facial or make yourself pretty to go out instead.
2- Start your day with an extra 10 minutes alone in bed, pretending to sleep, while your mind is straying away.
3- Don’t pick up your phone when seeing your friend’s name on the screen brings a frown on your face.
4- Reward Yourself with small significant treats.
5- Get a massage every month and Botox every 6 months.
6- Bring a smile on 2-3 faces around you every day.
7- Say Hello to your helper, gardener, concierge, hairdresser, policeman and check how Life will get better a week later. Believe me they are the compass of your good mood.
8- Write, talk, share, interact even if no one reads, follows, RTs or reciprocates.
9- Enjoy having Sex even if it means simulating good Sex.
9- Read your monthly horoscope and pencil down the funniest dates!
10- Call your mom and mom-in-law every morning while reading Gossip or Hola, so they take your Laugh as an encouragement sign.
11- When stuck in traffic, take a notepad and start scribbling thoughts, dreams, to-do-list….
12- Have 2 scoops of Haagen Dazs every 15 days and sigh loudly with pleasure.
13- Speak your mind out no matter and always remember your Freedom stops when it oversteps on the others’ freedom.

Life is short. Enjoy Living no matter what.

“You make me very happy.”~Mr. Big

“Yeah, yeah… put it in writing.”~Carrie

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