1st Communion

In the middle of a frantic morning reviewing in mind all the details of the First Communion of my eldest Antoine for the endless time -being a very meticulous, almost OCD person- I was trying to tame the thoughts rushing and fighting in my head, hardly containing my emotions: are we really prepared?

Are we prepared for motherhood?
Are we prepared for being always right on time, well groomed, well awake, well ready to answer all those innocent questions?
Are we always prepared to mingle, defend and protect our kids, going to “white” lying at times to save the day of the grades?
Are we born ready to face all those major social steps of pregnancy, delivery, pain, Baptism, First Communion, birthdays, Palm Sundays……
Are we born ready to swallow the tears of both deception and pure happiness containing this flow of emotions that almost choke you unexpectedly?
Are we born ready to accept all the expectations that come with motherhood: are we too lenient, too slow, too harsh….did we give the best advice, did we coach well?

All those questions were popping up in my head since morning when I was fighting against my tears thinking if Antoine will answer well to the questions, will read well and will have a perfect First Communion!

Was He well prepared 🙂 
This morning, I would tell you Yes! We’re Born ready; it’s instinct, innate but like all Human-ly traits, it needs practice and a lot of discipline. 

Enjoy some amateurish pictures of a great blessed day yesterday.


The boy with a golden Heart - Antoine

The boy with a golden Heart – Antoine

6 Responses to “1st Communion”
  1. Hala Kfoury says:

    Hayete Antoine, I cant believe it! Time flies.
    Alf mabrouk Myrnzzz and God bless your beautiful family. Miss you loads….

    • myrnzz says:

      Time flies indeed. Yours are smallah adorably adults now, men and woman! Miss you too loads and our times. Wish we can get together soon. Big kiss to you and Z.

  2. God bless your Antoine! I love this post, as a new mom I find myself asking questions like these! Cheers fellow blogger and mom! My blog is http://www.stylememaria.com check it out!

    • myrnzz says:

      Thank you for taking the time to read and send me your comments. Appreciated. Mabrouk to you. I like your blog, pretty colorful and varied. Are you interested in attending social events we prepare for our clients? If so I’ll be happy adding you to our mailing list. Please let me know and STAY in touch 🙂

  3. Irene says:

    Mabrook Myrna, May God bless you and your lovely family. You looked great as always. See you this summer when I come

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