Lebanese and designers!

So I went like many fashionistas, other curious and bored people to the “Beirut Designers’ Week” at Zaitunay Bay this past weekend, not as an investor or wanna be seen visitor, rather as a woman in Love with fashion and big advocate of Lebanese designers. Needless to praise the landscape which reminds you of the […]

On with the Nestle Fitness 14-day challenge!

…..And I made it. 14 days, 3 kgs…..and it felt sooo fabulous!!!! From the cooperation mail of sweet Islam and her encouraging invites to participate along other “Stars” in the 14-day program to the overwhelming huge pack I was sent from Nestle Fitness Arabia containing all the yummi treats and many other collaterals I needed […]

Summer, please be fair to us!

I’ve been into those crazy moods lately of observing people gathering, shopping, working, praying, dreaming, arguing or simply wandering in the streets. Apart from the sad, mad, down, happy, ecstatic, proud or simply indifferent looks that puzzled me and I’ll write about it soon, my eagle eye couldn’t but pencil down some of the upcoming […]