7 months from today….

We are surrounded by heart-breaking footage from wars happening around us in different parts of the world, in the name of God! We are moved by conflicts targetting different congregations in this part of the world. We are all appalled by the hatred surrounding us. We are all applauding the shy efforts of young Lebanese […]

6 practical steps to Me!

Horoscope, Facebook-oscope, Twittascope….I read, I monitor, I get inspired….yet, and after almost two decades of dealing with people, I came to the conclusion that every person should have a personal of what I call a character “Traits-cope” that will: – Facilitate easy smooth encounters; – Connect compatible persons together so issues like divorces, Practical Agreements, […]

“Practical Arrangement”

Let’s face it, the top 5 social topics you end up hearing or discussing when you go out with friends or acquaintances are -not in order of priority- the following:  1- Latest fashion trends 2- Kids (birthdays, school, extra curricular activities…) 3- Housekeepers 4- Holidays (from planning an extra fun-tastic New Year’s eve, to summer […]