I <3 Winter Tag by Lovely Nouchaline

Aline, a sweet fashion blogger I never met but always keeping in touch with, asked a couple of lady bloggers to answer their winter crushes and here are my responses: 1- Favorite Winter nail polish: Winter Bow by “China Glaze” 2- Favorite Winter Lip polish: Christian Dior Addict Extreme Black Tie 987 3- Most worn […]

Miracles can happen, It’s Christmas Lebanese!

I always tried to maintain an apolitical stance in my writings and refrain from overtly expressing my patriotic beliefs. This Christmas season particularly, I was vehemently asking around the vendors, the passers by, the friends, the marketers about the sales, the reactions of the people, the footfall quality to check how can I contribute to […]

Are Men just Women with Balls?

While I was having a huge smile on my face debating whether I buy the latest best seller novel “The End of of Big“, my natural choice for a series to watch on the plane was naturally “Sex and the City“, season 4, episode 10, where it happened that Big got dumped by his movie […]