2014, Happy New Globe?

Scrolling through my Facebook profile yesterday confirmed to me that we, the Lebanese people, are the most forgetful, resilient and joyful population ever! It’s nice after all.
And it reassured me on two things: both the restaurants and the confetti/”cotillions” suppliers met their end-of-year sales.

For the first post of 2014, and despite the terrible bad news, I’m offering you a distraction and inviting you to read “The Economist” end of year editorial, which will give you an indication on how the globe is moving, on the multitude of conflicts expected to arise in different parts of the world, on the technology and medicine inventions and some other good news, in the sole hope that we, the Lebanese people, can think, create, get inspired, and challenge this period with out-the-box ideas that can help us bring back Beirut on the global map slowly.

And quoting my dear Joumana Haddad in her article of January 1st, 2014 called “Waking the Dead”: “Lebanon is a non-stop New Year’s Eve party where many wear fancy and feathered masks, blowing colourful horns and whistles all while constantly pretending to be happy and blissful against all odds. These same people like to call it the “Lebanese survival instinct.”

The article is “The world in 2014“. Keep your faith strong, it will still go round no matter. Get inspired instead and learn some lessons!


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