#Marketing and Managers!

For all of you who Love Marketing and those who think they do! For all those freaks subscribed to “Think Marketing” online magazine, who devore every new title on the shelf, here’s my story! I’ve been long enough in the business to tell how much Marketing has evolved through the years. Some good 15 years […]


#notamartyr cause I still want to believe in my #Lebanon! #notamartyr cause I still want to make a difference around me! #notamartyr cause I still want to create a change even at a micro scale! #notamartyr cause I still invest in my culture, in my thinking, in my beliefs, in my readings! #notamartyr cause I […]

2014, Happy New Globe?

Scrolling through my Facebook profile yesterday confirmed to me that we, the Lebanese people, are the most forgetful, resilient and joyful population ever! It’s nice after all. And it reassured me on two things: both the restaurants and the confetti/”cotillions” suppliers met their end-of-year sales. For the first post of 2014, and despite the terrible […]