#FedUpLebanon! Am sick and tired of hearing “people are closing shops” and “people are unemployed”, while all I can hear and discuss is “people are stressed out from being overworked”! Strange country! – When you go out on a happy hour and Central Station is fully booked at 8pm and Stereo Kitchen has a 2 […]

#Love, according to “Her”

Theodore: I’ve never loved anyone the way I loved you. Samantha: Me too. Now we know how. So what’s Love? The basic illustration is you see a guy, your eyes meet, your heart melts, you’re struck with a big Light. Miracle: you’re in Love. A year later or so, you marry; 9 months later, you […]

Happy Wo-Me-N Day!

It’s my birthday (thank you Facebook). It’s not a birth-day. It’s a birth-week. It’s a birth-month. It’s a birth-attitude and birth-spirit. I feel young, passionate, a little empty but more determinated than ever to make a difference around me at home, at work, with my kids, with friends, by writing, by dreaming the most daring […]