Live. Love. Virtual.

An alarming and so truly poignant story shook the French and European public lately, about a woman who was aggressed, on her way home from work in the metro and on the station, assaulted and almost raped. No one cared. No one stopped. No one helped. All moved away from her! All minded their own […]

Alert!!!!! Hot Men are not easy grabs today!

Every now and then, I write a post about Men, ’cause without Men, we cannot be. Simply. My opinion. I always adopted Christofle perennial slogan “On peut vivre sans, mais c’est tellement mieux avec” (in English, it would say: we can live without but it’s so much better with). They are eternal babies. Selfish. Egocentric. […]

1st Communion

In the middle of a frantic morning reviewing in mind all the details of the First Communion of my eldest Antoine for the endless time -being a very meticulous, almost OCD person- I was trying to tame the thoughts rushing and fighting in my head, hardly containing my emotions: are we really prepared? Are we […]