5 what ifs? to being happy

“Mabsouta?” AKA Happy!

The very first personal thing people greet you with on the streets; acquaintance on the phone; colleagues at work; mom and mom-in-law daily query……
“Are you happy at work? Are you happy in your new house? Are you happy with the performance of your son? Are you happy with her?…..”

This eternal dilemma of being happy, the plethora of quotes, citations, advice selling happiness put more pressure on us and make us borderline, un-happy! 

– What if I was happy BUT I wanted more? 
– What if I was sad, mad and being happy wasn’t my key priority? 
– What if all I wanted was to test few answers that might lead to my happiness? 
– What if all I wanted was to mourn a period, a man, a souvenir, a mistake?
– What if all I wanted was to dream, daydream, plan, ponder and just let go? 

Why would people care to ask about your happiness?
Why should it be the first question instead of asking how you were simply feeling and leave you with a myriad of possibilities to tap into? 
And then if you’re happy, will it add to their happiness or simply stir a conversation based on an exchange, rarely honest, about why you’re happy. Reversly, and before you answer -trust me- get a recorder to tape all the free series of advice on how to be happy!

Don’t you think there are millions of human feelings unexplored or unadmitted or disregarded in our quest of happiness?
Why does happiness have to become a pressure, a nightmare?
A pursuit of a definition yet not defined? 

Isn’t true that my happiness tonight would be a “Revenge” DVD free night? And tomorrow my happiness would be a 100,000$ shopping spree?
Yours, would be a trip to the Maldives?
His, a booming career where he would rule the world?
Hers, a healthy loving husband with 3 kids? 

Happiness is relative.
Happiness is subjective.
Happiness is instant, now, here, a moment later gone.
Happiness is a souvenir. 
Happiness should not be the top priority feeling that negates all other pleasurable emotions like anger, rage, hatred, jealousy, envy, lust, desire……
How greater a happiness would be if it’s the fruit of a fight?
How deep can the happiness feeling be, if it comes out of a long steep road of anger?

Well if you ask me if was happy today, I’ll simply admit am an everyday happy person but today, I felt down, depressed, as if waiting for something or someone to swipe me off my feet and I don’t care if it means I’ll be happier or not! 

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