7 reasons why I miss you!

Mrs. Muse ditched me lately and I was feeling guilty starting my year without writing until I received an email right when I was getting ready to leave work!

The note, expected for so many reasons and triggered by me, made me pause:
“People come to our Life without advising, unexpectedly, from the big door sometimes shaking our world without taking precautions. I mean a family you inherit and grow up with, a husband or friend or even Lover you choose, a neighbor you co-live with, a colleague you cooperate with…..it’s about choices and 1st moments….”

You were different, you were all of the above and more….you were the One I didn’t choose or grew up with, yet I Lived and Laughed with you the best moments of my Life.

7 reasons why I Loved You and will Miss you:
– For being yourself with me and Loved me for being myself, un-impeccable, naked soul, body and mind;
– For the crazy days where we ate like pigs and Laughed like kids;
– For the endless fights and the same excuses I always believed;
– For the passion we had that translated in every move, Look and hug we had;
– For the endless times I taught you a new word that was pronounced wrong every other time and gave us a great Laugh;
– For the dreams we had that never came true, yet we still believed they will one day;
– For the Big, Loud and Invasive presence I will miss every day.

“Ne dit on pas que quand on aime vraiment quelqu’un on finit par le trouver beau?”

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