7 slangish Arabic words to watch!

The “Petit Larousse Illustre”, the reputable French reference, launched lately its 2015 new illustrated edition with renowned artist Jean Charles de Castelbajac, celebrating its 110th edition, and introducing 150 new French words like «zénitude», «iconique», «tuerie», «hystérisation», most of the 21st new Franglish words.

Couldn’t help thinking how helpful it would be to refresh our Arabic language by giving the words back their true meaning before they get a wrong translation.

1- Ce n’est pas Class! Class my A..: it can go from a school class to a mobile shop in Beirut but not a grade you grant to your neighbor! A color cannot be class; a dress isn’t class, a reply is straightforward or blunt but not class!

2- Sexy: is more a pejorative word than a compliment, at least in the opinion of a handful! It describes an attitude rather than an adjective: a lady is sexy in her behavior, her dress showing her boobs is not sexy! Got it?

3- Fransa: few will get the difference in chic salons but trust me, it’s either France (with an an) or Fransa in Arabic. Don’t try to pronounce it otherwise to sound chic!

4- Mdapersse: the weather bi dapress; my ugly brushing bi dapress; the news bi dapress; the story of her-boyfriend-dumping-her for the 100th time, bitdapress…..dapress in “Spanglish Arabic” comes from depression, which is by definition, one of the greatest mental diseases, so take it easy ya 3azizi…

5- Ma3juka or read it “I need to maintain a social frenzy to be in”! Nobody has 30 minutes tops to see you! Everybody is soooo busy, meeting, shopping, facebooking, instagramming, badmouthing, whining and dining that all other terrestrial pleasures are postponed to preserve this social joke of being ma3juka!

6- Chanel: “Chan-nel your inner peace” said her charming psy! “My inner will be quite in peace with a gorgeous Chanel”, she replied to her boy 🙂 

7- Facebook: Where all your culinary, medical, whimsical, nostalgic, frustrated sentiments come to Life with endless hearts, winks and likes! 

8- Je m’en fous: no one has the tiniest interest of caring or empathizing. A war in Ersal, Music Hall come what may! A recent scandal of all sorts on TV, a rocking cheese and wine in front of the TV! Je m’en fous, I Wanna Live!

I can, with your help of course, add tens and thousands of slangish words that are making their way slowly into our Life and Language. Maybe a follow-up post with your contribution?! In the meantime, a national campaign to integrate our national “Hi, Kifak, Ca va?” in our Arabic dictionary is badly needed.

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  1. Rana says:

    Lovely! I enjoyed reading through your blog this morning. That was sexy and class 🙂

  2. Hala says:

    Reading your blog always puts a smile on my face, and I can imagine your facial expressions when you are writing it.
    Miss you my friend…

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