A very very personal post

I was blessed with having 3 uncles: 2 paternal and one maternal. My elder paternal was the typical patriarch, the Mayor all the village respected and feared yet he had a big heart and was like a father to all of us.

The story is about my 2 other uncles, one from each side: they’re both named Elie/Elias, they are both born in February, one the day before yesterday, the other today (typical Aquarius both).

Both Elie/Elias have soft characters, easy going tempers, are very sensitive, loving and protective of their families. Both are real strategists. I remember growing up in shelters asking my uncle Elias when will the war end and he used to always reply: “it’s a long war process, be patient”.
Now in times of doubt or fear, I send my uncle Elie a message asking him if the war is going to happen and where am I going to shelter :(….

I always remember when New Year day arrived when kids, we used to run greet my uncle Elias waiting for the money envelope 🙂 and we grew up waiting for my uncle Elie’s plane to land for the festivities to start…..

I miss the 3 of them, 2 of which are dead today.
And I ask God on this special occasion today to grant my Uncle Elie a Long Life filled with Love and happy birthday all……


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