Alert!!!!! Hot Men are not easy grabs today!

Every now and then, I write a post about Men, ’cause without Men, we cannot be. Simply. My opinion. I always adopted Christofle perennial slogan “On peut vivre sans, mais c’est tellement mieux avec” (in English, it would say: we can live without but it’s so much better with).

They are eternal babies. Selfish. Egocentric. Arrogant. Patriarcal. But they still constitute our “better half”.
Being engaged in decorating and furnishing a new house, and faced with huge amounts of payments and decision swings, I pondered over how much pressure Men end up coping with.

– To their vast majority, and when faced with an academic decision, they are more enclined to choose a job that will secure them a big financial reward. Other than that, they are called “chu original“!
– Before they engage in a proposal or decide to visit the future in-laws, He has to have a plan, 99% skewed towards getting a house, secure a decent income and make the Daughter Ha$py.
– Shattered, emotionally broke, depressed, sad or mad, their emotions are entangled, buried down under, and still they control it all and introvert.
– Their speeches, behaviors and self expressions are always poised, well thought and balanced, even when they are furious! (Am not referring here to the jungle men, the complexed, son of mama, Lebanese macho, but rather to a certain breed of well educated and highly respectable guys and believe me, there are a few left).

A real Lebanese man expects loyalty, respect and some ROI at night :). A real Lebanese Woman expects from her Man to:
– Be the first (his Mama)
– Be the best (his Mama)
– Create and recreate (his Mama)
– Achieve and excel (his 3amto)
– Love and Say he Loves (his GF)
– Pamper, shelter, share, cuddle, hug…(his GF)
– Understand, support, sympathize and empathize (his GF)
– Ask no questions but know all the answers (his Fiancée)
– Install a house, latest furniture, super high tech equipment and latest car but travel first class to Santorini in summer (his Wife)
– Smile at the camera when she’s repeating her Selfie for the 10th time cause her hair strand doesn’t comply (his Sista)
– Find the right word at the right time in the right format (his Wife)
– Invite his mother-in-law every now and then (his Wife)
– Repress all feelings but express when needed (his Wife)
– Be generous and never ask why he is generous (his Mistress)

Being a man today is a hard job. Women are like fierce creatures, demanding, requesting, imposing, fighting, arguing……while Men are still defined by who they are, what they do and how much they make!
Between us, let’s pity some Men!


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  1. John Noble says:

    This is so true. And the expectations apply to ALL men.

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