Are Men just Women with Balls?

While I was having a huge smile on my face debating whether I buy the latest best seller novel “The End of of Big“, my natural choice for a series to watch on the plane was naturally “Sex and the City“, season 4, episode 10, where it happened that Big got dumped by his movie star girlfriend and turns out to Carrie to talk. 
This also stirred a huge smile on my face to the funny fate coincidence where Big starts a new friendship chapter with Carrie before ending up marrying her some few years later. Hello Big :).

A series of conflicting thoughts rushed in: is friendship possible between a man and a woman? Can Love transforms into a friendship? What would frienship entail? Will it be a total experience, minus the Sex? Or a friendship between both genders has to start afresh, with sex-less thoughts based on pure fun, cultural and personal exchange moments? 

Will you compromise on a super dooper Love relationship to retain him as a good friend? Will you accept to be his friend and hear about his new Love “feats” and advise him at times?

I always wondered how thin the thread is between Love and Frienship, Love and Like, Love and Hatred…..too many thoughts that all revolve around One Big word: Love.

Do you think that Men are those who created these perennial concepts to justify their passionate attachment, their fear from Love, their suffocation or simply their infidelity. 
Do you simply think that “Men are just Women with balls?”


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  1. Stephanie says:

    I think women are now men with vaginas…

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