Are you really Happy?

Why am I chasing the clock?
Why am I short of breath and it’s still 10am…..
Why am I tired and am not sick?
Why am I awake counting tasks and errands and I just slept?
Why am broke and it’s still the 5th?
Why am I procrastinating with never ending excuses?
Why am typing this post at the hairdresser while asking my son to start his homework until am home!

Is it ambition? Is it the hard call of the modern reality? Is it our eternal fight against the ” I want More” syndrome? Or is it simply the eternal quest for Happiness?

They tell you Happiness is a state of Mind and that not everybody is Happy in the same way. Sometimes, we can be happy with a small thing yet a great achievement can leave us soar!
Well, I came to the realization that self contentment is the word.
Not Happiness, not Luck, not Giving but self contentment!

When you’re aware of what you really are and what you really want, then the pieces of the puzzle will fall together like magic.

Self-contentment. Taking pleasure in the smallest finest details of Life. Finding Happiness in everything you do. Setting realistic achievable goals. Rewarding yourself. Learning.
All of that leads to self realization. Don’t search for Happiness, be self content and Happiness will come to you.

If Baudelaire invented the word Spleen, we are re-inventing everyday, a new word for Happiness.


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