Back to Life! Live. Laugh. Love.

Am back (so I hope)……

Few are those who haven’t heard yet about my hectic round-the-clock busy summer with my house move, Help-less, workers-full, career-busy, commuting between the capital and an hour plus drive mountain house, of course missing only a few of the numerous summer social functions, dinners, weddings…
Recalling my summer now gives me a strong tachycardia!

Here I am, back for good (so I hope), with interesting blogposts (so I hope), but definitely with a beautiful Logo conceived by my dear talented Sandra Bakhamian, executed by both my Lovables friends Jackie Soghman and the family of Born Interactive, and with little more of crude, objective and realistic articles (so I hope) about summer flings, summer wardrobes, summer moods…

Amid this craze, I couldn’t but spend my summer observing, hardly swallowing, tripping over a Lot, and I mean a Lot of summer-packed pure Lebanese insanities :). I hope you’ll enjoy.

Thank you my dear friends who were constantly encouraging me to come back, hope to catch up soon and apologies for the absence.

Wishing you nothing but a Love-Loaded week.

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  1. Joe Ayache says:

    love the logo. Congrats

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