The 80/20 Rule of 5% Lebanon

Both my professional position and my social nature open doors for enriching encounters. And when I engage in heart warming conversations where I can listen and express back my opinion without any fear of rejection, embarrassment or regret, this is where I feel empowered to write and transmit the messages. Reading my mind out loud […]

10 signs summer is not over yet for Lebanese women!

“Fall out of summer”…the slogan of one of my dearest client’s campaign am only borrowing today to talk about Lebanese women who have fallen out, but not from their summer – Yet! How do you recognize that Lebanese women are big summer aficionadas? 10 practical signs: – Sign 1: She still puts her shorts on, […]

5 what ifs? to being happy

“Mabsouta?” AKA Happy! The very first personal thing people greet you with on the streets; acquaintance on the phone; colleagues at work; mom and mom-in-law daily query…… “Are you happy at work? Are you happy in your new house? Are you happy with the performance of your son? Are you happy with her?…..” This eternal […]