Back to Life! Live. Laugh. Love.

Am back (so I hope)…… Few are those who haven’t heard yet about my hectic round-the-clock busy summer with my house move, Help-less, workers-full, career-busy, commuting between the capital and an hour plus drive mountain house, of course missing only a few of the numerous summer social functions, dinners, weddings… Recalling my summer now gives […]

1st Communion

In the middle of a frantic morning reviewing in mind all the details of the First Communion of my eldest Antoine for the endless time -being a very meticulous, almost OCD person- I was trying to tame the thoughts rushing and fighting in my head, hardly containing my emotions: are we really prepared? Are we […]

10,000 reasons why #Lebanon ran forward!

10,000! Had they called for a revolution, few would have left the comfort of their beds to meet up at 7AM at BIEL to take part in this year’s women race, under the very controversial yet super motivational title of “#RunForward4”. 10,000! Women. Men. All ages. All confessions. All social classes. From the city or […]