Coup de Foudre, when it happens……

Relationships are made out of human ties, often thin lines that bond upon first encounters. Some are called “coup de foudre”, scientifically proven to exist while some others are based on a simple desire to pursue contact with the other person for fun, interest, opportunities, boredom and any other feeling.

Am going to refer to the first kind of encounters today, those that happen usually unexpectedly when you’re least prepared to and with the person you least expect to attract you…..and when you think it’s only temporary, you start falling into deep…..

Some people have this big connection with you on all fronts, mental, physical, verbal, rational and emotional that you really feel your alter ego moving in front of your eyes.
Sometimes you don’t need to think…..sometimes you don’t need to talk, eyes and bodies reach for each other in such a communion, in total fusion you don’t understand what’s got into you! Blame it on the hormones!

My advice when you’re faced with a similar situation is to just open your mind, heart and soul no matter the consequences and embrace it as you’ll definitely Live all kinds of relationships but this “coup de foudre”, when it happens, is unique and believe me takes you only Once by surprise and leaves indelible scars. So why resist it, Live it to the fullest!

I feel sorry sometimes for those who live their lives busy chasing dreams instead of putting them into action, busy with terrestrial happiness they think can replace their spiritual one, shy to connect with people, afraid to Laugh to a stranger or to their thoughts, embarrassed to reach out, too busy analyzing…..

Relationships are the best thing that can happen when you look into the eyes of a person and feel nothing than a strong desire to be in her/his arms and forget the world!


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