Double chance, Twice as Lucky???

Don’t you agree Lebanese are becoming schizophrenic people to a certain extent!
They Like everything to the power of 2….just Like the Yes detergent ad running on TV stations lately saying nothing succeeds from round 1.

Follow my Logic please:
– Instead of flourishing and celebrating our traditions, we are exporting others by the dozens. Replacing the Berbara, our religious-full-of Holy-meanings feast on Dec. 4th, with skulls and ghosts on Halloween cause it’s “chic”;
– Not being able to overcome the worldwide religious schism and lead by example, we are still celebrating 2 Palm Sundays and 2 Easters. So if you’re Lucky to be orthodox Like me, you’ll celebrate again in 3 weeks;
– Double espresso instead of a good Arabic coffee with foam;
– A wife kept behind for social, family or lack of cash purposes and of course, have a mistress we Love and cherish until a 2nd one keeps you apart-again!;
– Double wedding, Mama Mia! How many of you have been invited lately to a religious wedding ceremony that followed a civil marriage in Cyprus or Turkey! As if one wedding in Life isn’t enough :);


Seems taking second chances and second rounds is the trend today.
Is it a sign of richness, exposure, openness to the others or simply a denial of our core values to embrace some signs of so called modernity?
Does taking double chances mean you’re twice as Lucky?

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