Dumped with a Post-It!

Do you remember the episode when Carrie (aka Sex and the City) was dumped with a post-it? And she came appalled crying to her friends that it’s not politically correct to be dumped with a post-it left next to her bed?

Well I was contemplating the how many forms one could be dumped with in his Life? Honestly, I lost the count………..
What is “to be dumped” to start with???????
– Is it when somebody tells you “It’s not you, it’s Me?”
– Is it when He says “I want to think it and I’ll get back to you soon” and ……..vanishes???
– Is it when He reminds you “we agreed since the beginning that it will soon come to an end???”
– Is it when He updates his profile on Facebook from…to single and starts Liking other Hot girls pictures……….
– Is it when his voice becomes deep and serious after the Hello and he states “we need to talk”?
– Or is it when he confesses “I don’t feel anything anymore”?
– Is it when he just says “it’s over, I can’t do it”?

No matter the How! The end result is ugly….being dumped is ugly…..it’s demeaning, it’s torturing, it’s infuriating, it will get you mad, sad, Lost and depressed, it will make you lose inches of your self confidence …….
But don’t worry; am 40 and am still being dumped at times so all I can say is Live your relationship with the fatal conclusion it shall end up one day as all human relations are meant to be, either by death, bad divorce or mutual agreement ….
And hey who cares? Always stand tall, cultivate indifference and sing Aznavour “Il faut savoir quitter la table quand le vin est desservi”…..

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