photoI did it!

I had to be one in 30 million readers of the famous trilogy “50shadesofGrey” to realize I am a 50 shaded person too and I have my story to tell!

I am a person who’s constantly looking for Love and spreading Love, with my family, friends, at work, on the streets and in all sorts of Communications…..

My blog memy50shadesandL is my window to express….talk and spread Love; talk about our Society today and its 50+ shades, values, relationships, thoughts, feelings and maybe share some frustrations! Simply any special experience I will Live and Love to share, on this blog!



9 Responses to “eLLe”
  1. Principessa says:

    Bravissima, good luck I’m sooo proud of u my friend…
    Go go go…ur the best!!!!
    With a big big L !!!!!!

  2. Rita says:

    Congratulations myyrrnzzz. It was definitely worth the wait 🙂 i love your blog and every shade of it.
    Looking forward for more L’s 😉 wish you all the luck ever.

  3. Hala says:

    Congrats Myrnzzz, i love it and am so proud of you. Every person has their fifty shades an every one of us can relate in someway.
    Love you and keep it coming my friend.

  4. Nissrine Ghannoum says:

    How inspiring to witness your passion unfolding ! So very thrilled for you ~ Proud of you my friend

  5. Rania says:

    Congrats to 50 shades of Myrnzzzzzzz

  6. Hesham says:

    Hi Myrna, nice blog.. Transparently genuine thoughts.. I’m quite new to blogging as well, but when I started I can’t stop.. It’s fun. I don’t have as many readers as you obviously have.
    The L anecdotes are soft and smart… I wrote something a whole ago about (1) .. The number and the meanings…

    All the best from Dubai 🙂


  7. Joyce says:

    Love it (with a capital L), can’t wait for more!!!!

  8. Rana says:

    Brilliant blog… Very inspiring, witty and neat 🙂

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