Four Weddings and a Funeral!

Courtesy of "Four Weddings and a Funeral"

Courtesy of “Four Weddings and a Funeral”

Lebanese are known to attend social obligations by the dozen! 2 dinners same night, one wedding a weekend if not two in peak season, and many many funerals.
They say that with each New Year you have a higher death toll as if the cycle of Life auto-regenerates, auto filtering itself. Not to factor in our Lebanese force majeure of bombs and suicides!

I had to pay respect to three friends/relatives during the past weeks, unfortunately and as in every social circumstance, I couldn’t help but watch and note! 
I’ll spare you your mom’s speech of “there’s no more respect to death” / “did you see how short was her skirt, as if going to a dinner” / and the so infamous “3ayb al choum”…..

My post will focus on the personas rather on the criticism they are subject to. We all know how victimized they would feel hearing me lose the count on how many false-true Chanel bags they are in one ceremony!!! 

Funerals are becoming the next social get together:
– Some are too eye sensitive against tears so they prefer keeping their sunglasses on, even in the church;
– Some didn’t find a proper black dress so they just put on their 5 o’clock super fit Large V neck or simply settled for a dotted navy blue and white! 
– Shoe fetichs deserve a chapter: you find walking giants in vertiginous heels while others settle for ballerinas, but not any! It has to be a Chanel ladies! 
– The necklace, watch and series of bracelets are a must. From black to white to brown diamonds, it’s always crowned with Queen “Rolex”! 

I might score well in the above by the way, if the funeral happens in a chic church in Ashrafieh where it usually turns into a social encounters of socialites to the extent they end up in big smiles and hushed laughters they forget where they truly are! 
I’ll skip the next appalling movement, where the much needed moral support evolved to become a Like on an ugly RIP on Facebook, and the physical support became a series of comments trending!
A new kind of Empathy in the new digital world.

Death, pathetically enough, has become another “modern” value that is losing the halo of praying, commemorating and reflecting.
Special thoughts to all the young who are dying everyday! 

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