Going up or down?

I think you know me well by now, through my posts or the grapevine that am a people’s person. I meet new people almost everyday, from all walks of Life. Some pleasant encounters, some less. Some leave a trace, some leave un-noticed, and some more are embarrassing.

Today, I’m going to share with you one of my fears. Apart from being a little claustrophobic, nothing freaks me out like elevator encounters. It all starts with the wait:
– Some polite people leave room for elders or for first comers and wait till the next lift with a big smile.
– Others arrive the last, push their way in, giving you the arrogant look that tells you upfront how stupid you are hanging on in front of the silver doors! One day, I promise I’ll kill the next one who does it to me!
– Not to mention the one that arrives with 3 kids, one of whom in his huge latest 3 wheel stroller, the help, the grandma and THE chewing gum, smile at you apologetically to take your turn and give you a huge blow “pa'” as a thank you.
– The worst type -I’m still not sure which is worse though- is the freakiest: the macho who arrives just after you, when alone, stands the closest as if to check your smell, smiles at you sweetly with a long languorous look that says a lot you don’t want to hear in the small confined space a-deux (sometimes it’s a threesome, which is far worse), wait for you to press your floor button before he does and immediately engages in stupid comments flying from no where like: “Do you live around?” or “In which company do you work?”….cheesy approach but seems it worked with some!

But the most unforgettable, Lovable encounter of all remains when you stand behind the doors and they suddenly open to the most handsome cute guy in a grey suit, blue-eyed who stares at you wondering when will you finally step in and all you find to ask, in a silly shy way to the sounds of your drumming heart, if the elevator “is going up?”. 


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