Happy Wo-Me-N Day!

It’s my birthday (thank you Facebook). It’s not a birth-day. It’s a birth-week. It’s a birth-month. It’s a birth-attitude and birth-spirit.

I feel young, passionate, a little empty but more determinated than ever to make a difference around me at home, at work, with my kids, with friends, by writing, by dreaming the most daring dreams and definitely minimizing encore, the space between the lines.

I regret a few things but always wish I were: 
– A rich but oh so not desperate housewife in Dubai
– A fashionista in Milan
– A student in Paris
– A publicist in New York
– An artist in London
– But above all a mother in Beirut!

A loving mother who stays awake all night checking her son’s fever and wakes up at 6am preparing her kids breakfast to school, no matter her fatigue. A mother who tries to pass on few traditional human values to her kids in a crazy frenetic world. A mother who runs like a headless chicken juggling between career and home, spoiling her kids to forgive her absence. A mother who plays it super cool and laughs with her kids on a super stressed out grandma who calls 5 times every afternoon to make sure her grandsons studied well, not digesting the absence from home of her daughter! A mother who strives to make the world around her a fantastic place! 

March 8th is not Mothers’ Day yet but Women’s, the day we should look at our mothers and see in them their “womenly” aspect they could have sacrificed for raising us!

Life is young. I have all the time in the world; if not in this Life, I’d surely make it in another one.

Happy Women’s Day! Lots of L to you aLL. 


2 Responses to “Happy Wo-Me-N Day!”
  1. Irene says:

    Happy bday to the loveliest woman. Kisses

  2. Hala Kfoury says:

    Happy Birth day/ week/ month to a lovely person/mother/wife.

    All the best your way always…

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