How to Lose a guy in 10 days – the Lebanese way!


I don’t know how many of you have memorized the movie “How to Lose a guy in 10 days” but I can’t stop laughing at some of her tricks when I recall them…..Which inspired me to write about the Lebanese way of “Losing a guy in 10 days” based, of course, on insights and observations from girls and boys whining about their deceptions!

– Wear a conservative Jackie O’ LBD (Little Black Dress) and he’ll surely fall for the girl with the shorts facing you; 
– Ask him about his past, his girlfriends, his sex life and announce upfront you want to remain a virgin;
– Ask him if his Rolex is a genuine one and manipulate your way to borrow it for a week;
– Wear your comfy Converse or ballerinas when you go out to the movies and make fun of those heels wiggling around you;
– Facebook his family, mother, mutual friends and arrange a brunch with his mom or sisters using mutual friends;
– Book him for every night of the following week and bring all your friends along to prevent any intimacy;
– Bargain to go to a non-smoking, Shisha/Cigar free restaurant;
– Call him every half an hour (when he doesn’t answer, call his best friend), stalk his Facebook and TrueCall all his phone log;
– Talk wedding ideas after a month and make sure to stop him in front of all the Cartier, Tiffanys and Tabbah shops of this world;
– Announce to him upfront you wish to have 3 kids that you’ll deliver in the US along with your mother;
– Will a 500m2 apartment in one of Ashrafieh’s high rises and 2 housekeepers be enough? And a summer on rent in Faraya so that his mother can’t sleep over for hypochondriac issues?
– Tell him he’s the One after your first kiss;
– Send him a big teddy bear on your 1st month anniversary – who’s counting???;
– Discuss your latest book or drag him to the European cinema festival, not featuring Rambo (who’s not Italiano by the way)!

Simply put: 
If you want to lose a guy in 10 days the Lebanese way, just be your usual self, refuse to play the tricks and simply enjoy being in Love….

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