I <3 Winter Tag by Lovely Nouchaline

Aline, a sweet fashion blogger I never met but always keeping in touch with, asked a couple of lady bloggers to answer their winter crushes and here are my responses:

1- Favorite Winter nail polish: Winter Bow by “China Glaze”
2- Favorite Winter Lip polish: Christian Dior Addict Extreme Black Tie 987
3- Most worn Winter clothing piece: Zara burgundy leather top and Essentiel black flowery top
4- Most worn Winter accessory: my Lina Brax python jumbo bag
5- Favorite Winter scent/candle?: Not my thing 🙂
6- Favorite Winter beverage: a mix of ginger cinnamon black tea my housekeeper prepares and leaves to infuse for 15 minutes.
7- All time favorite Christmas/Holiday movie: The Holiday
8- Favorite Christmas/Holiday song: the all-time classic Abba, Happy New Year
9- Favorite Holiday food/treat: Fondue
10- What is your favorite Christmas Decoration this year: my new Christmas toys.

11- What’s at the top of your Christmas list: anything from the top 10 list 🙂
12- What are your plans for the holidays this year: ditched all plans to settle for a warm, cozy, full of Love New Year’s eve with friends.

Happy New Year to all and to more blogposts with beauty-full people!

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