Kids Birthdays – the other side of the story

The old version of this post has been sitting in my laptop drafts way before I launched this blog until I attended another kids birthday party yesterday. I have to confess it was rather a super “normal” super nice birthday yet it inspired me to publish, excuse my sarcasm ladies.

Kids birthdays come in season -high season (3/weekend), low season (1/weekend)- but almost never vary in style: games, animation, body paintings, food, drinks, cake, piñata and thank you gifts.
Some are more circus like birthdays with 100+ persons where the birthday boy/girl forgets why he’s here!!!

Moms in birthdays – to my humble opinion – are to be classified in 3 categories:
Ladies who come to enjoy their kids.
Ladies who come to enjoy their bag.
Ladies who are too busy enjoying something else and don’t come.

Type 1:
The simple-nice-ponytailed-light-make-up-converse-style lady who is the first to jump on stage, have a nice un-rehearsed “Gangnam” kids version style, tape her kids “c’est la danse des canards” show, blow the candles and eat a big kids meal, no guilt attached. All of the above while greeting and entertaining -rather quickly- the other Ladies busy comparing shopping notes and exchanging some full-of-envy-how-cool-she-is Looks!

Type 2:
The Lady who prepared and matched her Latest bag with her Latest belt with her Latest watch to the Latest birthday. She often comes half an hour to an hour Late so she makes Her appearance. Spots the “IT” circle, walks proudly exhibiting her latest “joujou” while distributing snobbish “Hellos, ca va?” to the other crowd. Sits, whines about studies (which she doesn’t attend to), complains about busy Life (which she would die without) and brags about her sufferings waiting for her Latest Bag (which a poor Husband/Lover had bought to relieve his ears). All of the above, of course, while the maid enjoys the kids.

Type 3:
The Lady who’s always -busy, “a Paris”, coming Later, promised another Lady to attend another birthday on her behalf if she takes her kid with her!-.
The kid comes with the maid and the driver who act as the parents, one for the games and one for the cake.

Don’t think about skipping birthday parties, you and your kid will be on the ba-nne-d List.
Just choose your type and enjoy. They are little angels once a lifetime.


6 Responses to “Kids Birthdays – the other side of the story”
  1. I liked the blog Myrna :)…
    The description of the “moms’ categories” couldn’t be more realistic!
    Good job lady!
    Smiles :)…

  2. Irene nashef says:

    Always a joy to read.

  3. Danielle kamel says:

    As always. Since ever. Same birthdays. Same type/categories moms. So true. Keep on my dear. Always a pleasure to read you.

  4. Joumana Rizk says:

    Soooo true! and realistic. All is about choice …. Have great day!

  5. Omg I am yet to experience this

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