Live. Love. Virtual.

An alarming and so truly poignant story shook the French and European public lately, about a woman who was aggressed, on her way home from work in the metro and on the station, assaulted and almost raped.

No one cared. No one stopped. No one helped.
All moved away from her! All minded their own businesses!

The article concluded how isolated and secluded we are today, more and more every day!
Today’s coverage states that the Police is pursuing the witnesses who left the poor women alone! Read more:

What have we become?
Hiding behind our screens.
Procrastinating behind closed doors.
Happy they count us Influencers of the net, taking selfies, copy pasting statuses, all behind our screens.
Our Life line became a virtual one, people stalking our stories and inventing timeLines.

We like RIPs!
We share murders and whip to death any same sex marriage without any respect, all on the net.
We post quotes from here and there, just to virtually be.

How anti-social have we become? How prone to negativity did we end up being? How blunt and aggressive have we turned out to be, sheltering behind the screens?
Emails and WhatsApps define who we are today! Facebook how we feel! Instagram, how we want to be perceived….. and so on!

Life has definitely Lost all its secret charms, the small tickling, the little frills, the big emotions, the mass revolutions. Our Human dimension is dying every day a little more.
But what’s next? A gang bang on a highway in a rush hour managed virtually? My son’s 10 year birthday party organized through a linked network of small pads? Thousands of little “Selfies” ruling our Lives?

A Life. A Laughter. A Love, all in One shade: virtual?

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