Love Once, Love Twice, Love endless…..

“Je revis eternellement cette fois-la, car cette fois-la etait toutes les fois a la fois!”

Never quite understood the meaning or have I grasped the real depth of this beautiful quote I had penciled down years ago until I Lost you.

There are stories in our Life that are Lived to become and stay stories, funny ones, sad ones yet stories to be told or just kept as souvenirs.

And there’s a One Life story!

That Big, indescribable bond that tie you forever to another soul you feel you’re writing another Life story, in parallel.
That One single time when you feel it all, live it all and remember it all. There’s no story after that to be told.

One heart beat! One taste for Life! One Laugh! One Kiss! One You! One Time! One Story!

We always debated whether you can Love more than once in your Life and I always preached “na, you can Love as you breathe but in different ways and manners”.

Now I tell you with some maturity, Yes your Heart will beat more than once but No it can Love only once, that kind of Love that makes you forget the world, Live on an Island that belongs to only you, Live, Laugh and Love truly, unconditionally and beyond words.

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  1. Irene nashef says:

    Myrnzz I always feel the same way when I read your posts: JOY.
    What u said is so true.
    you are a talented woman.

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