Why L? Not the first letter of the alphabet nor my letter, but definitely a letter that means a Lot.

L for Love. A Big Love. A Love that comes once and sweeps you off your feet.

L for Longing. Longing to be somewhere else, another life, another time….another me, another you….another dream…..endless possibilities….

L for Lust.

L for killer Looks. When two eyes meet and go astray together without leaving their seats.

L for Lexotanil. When you don’t find any of the above.


L is simply for the One person who taught me the real meaning of Love and inspired me to launch my blog. And for Loving almost every 100 shades of him (and by the way, L is not the 1st word of his name).


Special thanks to Jackie, the WonderWoman who got an incomplete brief over WhatsUp and still created my wonderful logo. To Ralph M., whom I bugged day and night all the way to Barcelona! To Fadi, Lucy, Christian and the great team I’m proud to belong to today! To Elie, Antoine and Karim, my 3 L, who are proudly walking the talk about mommy “launching a magazine online”.


To L.

6 Responses to “L”
  1. Georgina Ibrahim says:

    Shall we add L for Luck??
    Is it by Luck that you meet someone and You fall in Love with him/her?
    If it works, you live the happy LIFE… if it doesn’t, you look for Lexotanil :).. LOL!!!
    I liked the idea of the blog dear Myrna!
    Wish you best of LUCK!
    Smiles :)…

  2. Patil says:

    I will say “L” to stand for whatever you want to be & “ELLE” for the person behind this awesome idea.
    Lots of Love dearest myrnzzzzzz


  3. Irene says:

    Creative as always. Loved it

  4. Irene says:

    Myrna I love ur blog, i read what u wrote more than five times and i Loved it with a big L.

  5. Margo says:

    L is to Like someone and never Let go, even if they stay Long time apart. That’s what you are to me Myrnz. I Love your blog and applaud the efforts of a Lady that can turn 50 shades of gray into pure Light. Good Luck.

  6. Lidea says:

    L for a Loving friend,L for Live Love Laugh
    L for the heavenly Light that illuminates our way…
    Myrnz :simply ,Lidea Likes Lots……;))
    All the Luck Sadikti….

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