#Marketing and Managers!

Courtesy of www.howtonotsuckatgamedesign.com blog

Courtesy of www.howtonotsuckatgamedesign.com blog

For all of you who Love Marketing and those who think they do! For all those freaks subscribed to “Think Marketing” online magazine, who devore every new title on the shelf, here’s my story!
I’ve been long enough in the business to tell how much Marketing has evolved through the years.

Some good 15 years ago, Marketing was more “Men” realm. They graduated with a big drive to sell and compete in the post war phase. Some made their comeback holding big degrees and dreams, some of which saw the day, while some other packed again!

Marketing evolved, 101 became 201 and here came the Women! Those Ladies who heard of, read about Marketing or even “married” M gurus and the magic was done: a new breed of “Marketeers” invaded multinationals, regional and even family-owned businesses.

A summary of what I encountered and am sure you did to, sometimes in your professional Life:

– The “serious” ambitious girl, who seriously Loves Marketing, studied it, enrolled in ESA for a Mastere, researches and is not afraid of putting her ideas forward and accepts success and failure in the same constructive way. She’s very cooperative and a great team builder.

– The “by commission or by omission“: the girl who ended up realizing she didn’t like what she studied or worked in for many years, then discovered through the grapevine or real life experience that Marketing was her vocation. She fights hard to prove herself and shows immense self satisfaction when she scores high. She’s respected for her charisma although might not be the first asked when debating a Marketing decision.

– The “Marketing Legally blonde“: am sure you remember the movie and am pretty certain you’ve encountered quite a handful of those peroxyde blondie managers, blurping some Oxford-like English, punctuated with few Marketing jargon, whose only interest is getting Likes on their pages (doesn’t reflect on the brand too?), whose only know-how is throwing a series of nice events, careless of any ROI (what has the image building strategy anything to do with increasing sales..??). As long as the Boss is happy the Facebook platform is active and his silent share in the group is growing steadily!

– The “Marketeer“: someone advised her that she fits into Marketing, that her promotion will come quick if she articulates well using her overly “Botoxed” lips and curls well her perfectly black lashes. She copy pastes briefs, she dumps work on her team and is the first to own the success, omits to send emails while is the first to jump in when her Boss is copied and becomes so polite and supportive to the point you read the same mail zillions of time, wondering is She the same person who fought against the same idea!???

Don’t get me wrong! I’m very supportive of career oriented, result focused working Ladies. I’m the first to preach women rights to learn, work and excel but success is a Long Long way that comes equally to brunettes, blondies and redheads and Lasts more than a refill of Botox or a monthly bleaching session, so please have Mercy on our intelligence and learn the difference between Marketing your persona and Marketing a Brand!

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