#notamartyr cause I still want to believe in my #Lebanon!
#notamartyr cause I still want to make a difference around me!
#notamartyr cause I still want to create a change even at a micro scale!
#notamartyr cause I still invest in my culture, in my thinking, in my beliefs, in my readings!
#notamartyr cause I still progress, adapt, change and tolerate!
#notamartyr cause I still am appalled at the fact that we are a selfish “selfie” population who thinks “individualistically”!
#notamartyr cause I still educate my children to love their land, to love the Other, and explain to them there is no difference between white and black men, between Ali and Antoine, between Orthodox and Maronite!
#notamartyr cause I still believe that we should unite to ask for basic rights like 24/7 electricity, public transportation, gender equality at work, and the list goes on…!
#notamartyr cause I still wake up smiling, planning, Living and Loving no matter!
#notamartyr cause I refuse to bend down!
#notamartyr cause I still believe the only way out is believing in the Other, seeing in him a brother, a friend, an ally rather than an enemy cause his ideas are different!
#notamartyr cause I still believe the only way out is Us planning for a civic pacifist movement online, offline, on the streets, in our houses, on campuses and in offices where we all ask for “#OneLebanon“!
#notamartyr cause I still believe the only way out is Together for One cause called #Lebanon!

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