Power of Words

Words are rushing in…..Words are keeping me awake at night….Words are crafting a huge smile on my face….

Words don’t come easy as the song says, but yes this time, they are flowing in my mind like a huge riverfall and am trying to hold myself back …..Words have this huge power of propelling me into a different dimension in a flip of a moment and am resisting….

My notes are full of scribblings …. words unspoken …..
Writing, thinking, meditating, speaking, dreaming, publishing ….it’s all about words!

Too busy to write a coherent post that you will Like?
Too Lost to put some order in my words and translate them into actions?
Too afraid of pursuing a dream my words are shaping?

You’ll have to excuse me for not publishing some good words other than Life has never been so rewarding on all Levels and that my Words will have to wait a little while more as once unspoken, it will be too Late to wipe the smile on your face when you’ll read me.

Happy Words…Happy Thoughts…Happy L.

Picture to Janus Castrence, words of Life

Picture to Janus Castrence, words of Life

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