How to Fail your Life?

I finished reading a very interesting French book, “une Rolex a 50 ans“, about the non-sense of today’s modern Life.

In the introduction, Yann Dall’Aglio explains the “bling-bling” effect, the scandalous revelation that nothing is more important than the Love of being rich, that people consider Time very precious, a no miss deal and thus invite us, the readers, to consider failing one’s Life as a new style of Living, to resist to the “industrial” usage of Time, to the need of buying things that show external wealth signs and put you on the “social” radar especially the Rolex watch which is considered as the ultimate sign of Life success today.

The book brought so many social questions into Light.
What would justify the loss of values in our society today? This uncontrollable desire to rent, buy, shop, own, show off, brag, stock with no end…..This craze of changing Lovers who buy those social statuses of success like no tomorrow….This frantic need of spending more with less cash, more on credit…..

I always wondered whatever happened with wearing in style, walking in style, shopping in style and behaving in style? Shorts, fake Loubouts, sequins, extra heavy day make-up, copies of Cartier Love bracelets, leather and faux leathered extra mini skirts for 42 sized ladies, Herve Leger size 40 -the brand that almost stops at 38 sizes, grandmas looking like their nieces, nose jobs and other jobs, hair extensions, Chanel (I could write 10 posts about Chanel!), and please please the chewing gums!
This desperate attachment to external signs of wealth is standing in the way of relationships, is making the cultural exchange almost void, making of Life today a big social Lie!


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  1. Kamal Khairallah says:

    I!m really impressed

  2. “This desperate attachment to external signs of wealth is….. making of Life today a big social Lie”…. The best expression ever of the “fragile social relationships” based merely on the ENVELOP! The content (values, education, good manners, etc.) is not important… since it cannot be labeled as a BRAND!

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