Are Men just Women with Balls?

While I was having a huge smile on my face debating whether I buy the latest best seller novel “The End of of Big“, my natural choice for a series to watch on the plane was naturally “Sex and the City“, season 4, episode 10, where it happened that Big got dumped by his movie […]

Love Once, Love Twice, Love endless…..

“Je revis eternellement cette fois-la, car cette fois-la etait toutes les fois a la fois!” Never quite understood the meaning or have I grasped the real depth of this beautiful quote I had penciled down years ago until I Lost you. There are stories in our Life that are Lived to become and stay stories, […]

Une femme a 40 ans

Well am very excited! Was putting off launching my blog, was holding back the words and thoughts, embarrassed, confused until I found L (I warn you: you will come across a lot of Ls and each one will mean something (obviously). I always dreamt Big and in Decades: “when I’ll be 30, I’ll be married. […]