Lebanese fashion, need for reinvention!

Am no fashion blogger. Am no fashion critique. Am only a Lady who Loves fashion and follows the trends to my own Likings. I read fashion references and subscribe to fashion and beauty magazines to enhance my knowledge and respectively my Looks. I wear shirts, slims, skirts, dresses, hats, flats but all when it fits […]

The other side of Palm Sunday

So here we are: highest traffic on Internet in Beirut tonight, people uploading Palm Sunday pictures on Facebook, Liking and Commenting nicely while penciling down envious comments 🙂 (including me). It was a good day under a timid sun: families, relatives and friends flocking to celebrate this Holy time. We had fun, double fun celebrating […]

Kids Birthdays – the other side of the story

The old version of this post has been sitting in my laptop drafts way before I launched this blog until I attended another kids birthday party yesterday. I have to confess it was rather a super “normal” super nice birthday yet it inspired me to publish, excuse my sarcasm ladies. Kids birthdays come in season […]