The 80/20 Rule of 5% Lebanon

Both my professional position and my social nature open doors for enriching encounters. And when I engage in heart warming conversations where I can listen and express back my opinion without any fear of rejection, embarrassment or regret, this is where I feel empowered to write and transmit the messages. Reading my mind out loud […]

Are you really Happy?

Why am I chasing the clock? Why am I short of breath and it’s still 10am….. Why am I tired and am not sick? Why am I awake counting tasks and errands and I just slept? Why am broke and it’s still the 5th? Why am I procrastinating with never ending excuses? Why am typing […]

Forever 20! Forever 20×2 :)

To something old, to something new….. To Family, close and far…… To school buddies who became friends for Life…… To Lovable cousins across the continents….. To my new family at Born Interactive….. To my unforgettable buddies at Leo Burnett…. To friends who stayed along the years….. To new friends who are showing me new perspectives…… […]