Happy Wo-Me-N Day!

It’s my birthday (thank you Facebook). It’s not a birth-day. It’s a birth-week. It’s a birth-month. It’s a birth-attitude and birth-spirit. I feel young, passionate, a little empty but more determinated than ever to make a difference around me at home, at work, with my kids, with friends, by writing, by dreaming the most daring […]

-26 until Christmas

Christmas is a blessed time. Christmas is the Holiest of the Seasons. Christmas is the time for Joy, Sharing, Happiness, Kids and feeling like a Kid again. Christmas is an occasion celebrated by all rites and religions, some for its Blessed meanings, some for the tree and some other for the joy of giving. Christmas […]

The other side of Palm Sunday

So here we are: highest traffic on Internet in Beirut tonight, people uploading Palm Sunday pictures on Facebook, Liking and Commenting nicely while penciling down envious comments 🙂 (including me). It was a good day under a timid sun: families, relatives and friends flocking to celebrate this Holy time. We had fun, double fun celebrating […]