#Marketing and Managers!

For all of you who Love Marketing and those who think they do! For all those freaks subscribed to “Think Marketing” online magazine, who devore every new title on the shelf, here’s my story! I’ve been long enough in the business to tell how much Marketing has evolved through the years. Some good 15 years […]

Miss me…. Miss me Not!

I like your dress! Mich ma3koul how fit you look in it! – to read, you look super fatty! Oh my god, those shoes……how can you stand in 12cm all day….my back kills me – I would die to be in your Choo-es :). We have to meet for coffee I miss you – to […]

Summer, please be fair to us!

I’ve been into those crazy moods lately of observing people gathering, shopping, working, praying, dreaming, arguing or simply wandering in the streets. Apart from the sad, mad, down, happy, ecstatic, proud or simply indifferent looks that puzzled me and I’ll write about it soon, my eagle eye couldn’t but pencil down some of the upcoming […]