“The Friend of your Cousin”

I always knew I kept my black notebook left somewhere!!!!!!!!!!! I always knew it was among my personal belongings when I moved from my parents’ house…..It was my companion, my best friend and the bearer of my secrets and un-told stories… Yet couldn’t find it in years until yesterday morning when it was hidden deep […]

Power of Words

Words are rushing in…..Words are keeping me awake at night….Words are crafting a huge smile on my face…. Words don’t come easy as the song says, but yes this time, they are flowing in my mind like a huge riverfall and am trying to hold myself back …..Words have this huge power of propelling me […]

Happy Valentine Day

It’s the V day….it’s today! Not yesterday eve and not extended to tomorrow. Only today. It’s the day to express your Love…..not only to your husband, Lover or the guy you have a crush on…… Express your Love to the World, your kids, your neighbor, your colleague…..sing, be Happy, Live, Laugh and Love……especially when you’re […]