Dumped with a Post-It!

Do you remember the episode when Carrie (aka Sex and the City) was dumped with a post-it? And she came appalled crying to her friends that it’s not politically correct to be dumped with a post-it left next to her bed? Well I was contemplating the how many forms one could be dumped with in […]

Power of Words

Words are rushing in…..Words are keeping me awake at night….Words are crafting a huge smile on my face…. Words don’t come easy as the song says, but yes this time, they are flowing in my mind like a huge riverfall and am trying to hold myself back …..Words have this huge power of propelling me […]

Cheat on you once; Shame on me twice!

To which extent is cheating called cheating: making the real act or just thinking about it? Real affair or a virtual friendship?? When a relation reaches a dead Love end, entertaining virtual friendships is harmful? Spending hours on the net or phone exchanging thoughts and feelings is a killer for the couple? Or when those […]