To new beginnings…..

It might seem a bit too early to toast to a New Year but in my mind, am already planning for a good start of it. I don’t know if you had a mom like mine, but we were never allowed to sit in the salon with the new upholstered gild seats that were supposed […]

Une femme a 40 ans

Well am very excited! Was putting off launching my blog, was holding back the words and thoughts, embarrassed, confused until I found L (I warn you: you will come across a lot of Ls and each one will mean something (obviously). I always dreamt Big and in Decades: “when I’ll be 30, I’ll be married. […]


Why L? Not the first letter of the alphabet nor my letter, but definitely a letter that means a Lot. L for Love. A Big Love. A Love that comes once and sweeps you off your feet. L for Longing. Longing to be somewhere else, another life, another time….another me, another you….another dream…..endless possibilities…. L for […]