Are Men just Women with Balls?

While I was having a huge smile on my face debating whether I buy the latest best seller novel “The End of of Big“, my natural choice for a series to watch on the plane was naturally “Sex and the City“, season 4, episode 10, where it happened that Big got dumped by his movie […]

-26 until Christmas

Christmas is a blessed time. Christmas is the Holiest of the Seasons. Christmas is the time for Joy, Sharing, Happiness, Kids and feeling like a Kid again. Christmas is an occasion celebrated by all rites and religions, some for its Blessed meanings, some for the tree and some other for the joy of giving. Christmas […]

6 practical steps to Me!

Horoscope, Facebook-oscope, Twittascope….I read, I monitor, I get inspired….yet, and after almost two decades of dealing with people, I came to the conclusion that every person should have a personal of what I call a character “Traits-cope” that will: – Facilitate easy smooth encounters; – Connect compatible persons together so issues like divorces, Practical Agreements, […]