Dumped with a Post-It!

Do you remember the episode when Carrie (aka Sex and the City) was dumped with a post-it? And she came appalled crying to her friends that it’s not politically correct to be dumped with a post-it left next to her bed? Well I was contemplating the how many forms one could be dumped with in […]

Religion is the Opium of the people – Not anymore?

I was attending St Elie’s Mass few weeks back and heard one of the most reality shocking socio-religious truths ever from the Archbishop! In this frantic, frenzy, frenetic world ruled by blinding economical powers, religion is gaining more ground than ever with accute conflicts mushrooming here and there. But what the Archbishop referred to exactly, […]

Coup de Foudre, when it happens……

Relationships are made out of human ties, often thin lines that bond upon first encounters. Some are called “coup de foudre”, scientifically proven to exist while some others are based on a simple desire to pursue contact with the other person for fun, interest, opportunities, boredom and any other feeling. Am going to refer to […]