Happy 10th…..Love and more Love

10 years ago, my bridesmaid offered me this frame I hung over the bed and read from time to time, pondering over the true meaning of marriage! 10 years later today….They say time flies….well it surely does and you only realize it when you celebrate your birthday or your wedding anniversary! 10 years today…..ten wonderful, […]

Balls yes but hormones!!!

My hairdresser salon is the best place in town to fish for insights and get some inspiration… Been wanting to write on Men for quite some time until I listened to a very interesting conversation on men, booze, women and egos! It’s true Men have balls and yes they don’t spare any occasion to prove […]

The Art of being an Artist-goer in Lebanon!

While writing this post, I thought I’ll make it a series of articles on Lebanese attending artistic/cultural spectacles in Lebanon…you’d be surprised how much they Love Art :). One of my favorite interests is attending concerts: mingling with the crowd, going crazy, moving, boogy-ing, rocking to the loud crazy beats….. However, and as tradition goes […]