Double chance, Twice as Lucky???

Don’t you agree Lebanese are becoming schizophrenic people to a certain extent! They Like everything to the power of 2….just Like the Yes detergent ad running on TV stations lately saying nothing succeeds from round 1. Follow my Logic please: – Instead of flourishing and celebrating our traditions, we are exporting others by the dozens. […]

Ode to the Mothers!

It’s very much expected to write an ode for my mom on this special day. I was the typical calm sweet peaceful child and rather the rebellious romantic outspoken adolescent. I wasn’t easy to manage especially during war time when I was scared to death and required extra affection and reassurance. My mom is a […]

Cheat on you once; Shame on me twice!

To which extent is cheating called cheating: making the real act or just thinking about it? Real affair or a virtual friendship?? When a relation reaches a dead Love end, entertaining virtual friendships is harmful? Spending hours on the net or phone exchanging thoughts and feelings is a killer for the couple? Or when those […]