Valentine 101

Here comes the time of the year where we are saturated with Love messages, promotions and special deals that instead of reminding you nicely to wish your Lover a day full of Love, makes you on the contrary, want to just wish it’s February 30 déjà! :)…. This year, instead of whining endlessly and pretending […]

A very very personal post

I was blessed with having 3 uncles: 2 paternal and one maternal. My elder paternal was the typical patriarch, the Mayor all the village respected and feared yet he had a big heart and was like a father to all of us. The story is about my 2 other uncles, one from each side: they’re […]

Love Once, Love Twice, Love endless…..

“Je revis eternellement cette fois-la, car cette fois-la etait toutes les fois a la fois!” Never quite understood the meaning or have I grasped the real depth of this beautiful quote I had penciled down years ago until I Lost you. There are stories in our Life that are Lived to become and stay stories, […]